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What is GTA recovery?

GTA Recovery are exactly what we apply to our pre-made accounts in order to make them modded. A GTA recovery is a modding method to get your GTA Online character more money, higher reputation levels, all unlockables and more tweaks.


what is GTA Modded Account?

GTA Modded Account is a pre made online character with a pre-loaded recovery service. This means the account already has high stats such as RP rank, money, all unlocks, max stats etc. This way you don’t have to start fresh which can be a tedious grind. These accounts are custom created by professional gamers. They include every accessory, currency and item you can unlock playing GTA 5. The cool thing is the fact you can purchase a pre-loaded account. These modded accounts contain every item you could desire in the game. You can have incredibly high points, you can have unlimited funds, you can even the best weapons and accessories.



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